Developing People &
High-Performance Cultures

Through supportive, real-time feedback.

Forward-thinking People Development

Industry leaders agree: focusing on developing talent for the future - rather than reviewing the past - is key to improving employee engagement and productivity.

Supportive, Real-time Feedback

Enable busy leaders, peers and directs to give each other specific actionable feedback on a regular basis - hallmarks of effective feedback.

  • Comment on competencies and skills
  • Praise publicly with Shout-outs
  • Share supportive feedback privately
  • Set recurring feedback reminders
  • See real-time 360 reports

Improved Productivity through A Culture of Coaching

Get support from your colleagues on your development goals. Schedule check-ins to share progress, and achieve great things together.

  • Add Development Goals
  • Get support from your colleagues
  • Schedule check-ins with mentors
  • Watch as people grow
Josh Bersin, Principal & Founder

"Developing a feedback-rich culture that encourages all employees to give each other feedback is the new key to success."

Powerful Organizational Insights

Track your workforce's experience, knowledge and skills.

  • Discover new talent internally
  • View skills distribution across your organization

Lightning Fast Setup

Setting up ListenTool takes just a few minutes.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Custom competencies
  • Bulk invitation
  • Organization Analytics
Traditional Performance Management
Evaluates people
Develops people
Employees dissatisfied with infrequent feedback and recognition
Regular feedback from colleagues enhances engagement and productivity
Missed opportunities for day-to-day coaching
Development goals and scheduled check-ins leave no missed opportunities
Difficult to track workforce experience, knowledge and skill
Organizational insights and employee profiles let you track everything
$50 per user per year includes everything
Peter Cappelli
Anna Tavis

"Companies are overhauling performance management because they need to deliver ongoing performance feedback to support rapid innovation."