ListenTool Content Posting Guidelines

ListenTool is all about giving and receiving continuous, supportive feedback. However, as humans, we can sometimes offend people even if we did not mean to. You may report offensive feedback or comments to us which will be reviewed on the basis of the posting guidelines shared below.

While we respect your privacy, and cannot moderate the communication that takes place in your organization on ListenTool, we definitely review all reported content thoroughly, and take appropriate remedial actions. Please note that it may take some time for us to review and take action on reported content, as we have to be sure we’re taking the right decision. This usually takes no more than two business days.

To ensure clarity on what defines reportable content, we’ve listed some non-exhaustive guidelines below. Remember that general disagreements or differences of opinion do not warrant a report.


The following content is strictly prohibited. If you receive feedback or comments that violate these terms, please use the Report feature to immediately inform us.

  1. Abusive/Hate speech: No use of language that’s abusive, racially offensive, threatening, profane, sexually oriented or homophobic.
  2. Threatening or violent: Do not threaten, harass, promote violence or terrorism, even sarcastically.
  3. Personal attacks: You have every right to disagree with your coworkers, and explain your perspective. However, you are not free to attack, degrade, insult, or otherwise belittle them.
  4. Suicidal: Avoid posting any reference to self-injury or suicide, and please get professional medical help immediately. Any content pertaining to suicide or any other type of self-harm must be reported immediately.
  5. Spam: Posting links to irrelevant content, advertising, or spreading malicious links counts as spam, and is forbidden.

Remedial Actions

After reviewing reported items, we may:

  1. Remove the content entirely as it severely violates these guidelines
  2. Edit the content to make it comply with the guidelines
  3. Ignore the report, if the content does not violate the aforementioned guidelines

We may inform the reporter and author of the reported content about the remedial actions taken.